The Madam

New chapter of “Black Flagged” 

We miss you

We miss you

❒ Taken ❒ Single ✔ Waiting for An Inward Treasure 

We love you Fyre

So, there I was, in my swimming lesson, when I came up with an idea. 

Mr. and Mrs. Gold should totally have sex in the pool

WAIT ! Better…

They should have sex, in a kids rubber pool



I want a fanfiction about the Rumbelle War Council. I think it would be the most epic thing ever. 

A Bed of Thorns - Chapter 21 

At first I was like

And then

Finally I was like

A pair of jeans? Yeah, bullshit, 6 new bras.

Also, I think this beautiful fandom, is driving me crazy. Now when I shop, I shop ”for Belle”. I think “Hmm, what would Belle wear ?” and I shop for her….not me, well this is awkward. And there is little Rum saying “Let´s go, enough”.

Amazing details of my life.

Rumbelle Movie Club 

"A Bed of Thorns" by Nym