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So I really liked Rumple and Cora’s scene 


I’m a Rumbelle shipper at heart and I love them and want them together forever and ever but I find the connection - and the possibility of a connection - between Rumple and Cora so very interesting. It’s like Belle represents and brings out the best in him and Cora is the exact opposite. Plus, these two obviously have known each other for ages, know each other deeply, it’s even a deeper bound than Regina and Rumple. And when you think about Cora’s story…the “miller’s daughter” and relate it to Rumpelstiltskin (his original tale) well…it makes everything more interesting and precious.

They totally shagged in the mill.

Was anyone else kinda surprised that Emma said nothing about Belle? 



I mean I sure as hell was. I was so expecting some snarky comments or just straight up confusion at seeing Belle with Rumple.

At this point it feels like the writers are cutting corners left and right and yet dedicating bizarre lengths of time to Emma walking in on her parents or stuff like that. We didn’t even get a “Oh, btw, Emma, Rumple’s got a girlfriend now, just fyi” from Charming. We are to assume he told Snow and Emma before and I’m getting tired of this “fill in the blanks yourselves” game this season is playing with us.


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Okay, so “The Miller’s daughter” - the original Rumplestiltskin story is written by our lovely Jane. Couldn’t be happier, yaaay!


Okay, so “The Miller’s daughter” - the original Rumplestiltskin story is written by our lovely Jane. Couldn’t be happier, yaaay!

Fic: Writing on the Table 


Title:   Writing on the Table

Rating:   NC-17

Warning:   EXTREEEEEEEMELY angsty smut ahead

Summary:   Rumple is visited by Belle while in prison; ddagent’s prompt “Rum takes her on the War Council Table after everybody else leaves”

Snippet:   “Don’t do this, love.  Don’t do this to me again.”

Her eyebrows creased together, just as they always did at this part of his dreams.  “Don’t do what?”

He cringed and looked away.  “Make me believe that you’re alive when I know it’s just a dream.”

Author’s Note:   … yeah, this thing kinda got away from me.  Sorry bout that, Kelly.  But here, I’ll try to explain:  Like many other Rumbelle fans, my heart broke a little bit when Mary Margaret and Emma were talking about Rumple in his dungeon cell.  The lines, “How did he keep from going mad?” and then, “He didn’t”, in particular, got to me.  Like with all things that make me sad, though, I started to dissect it – for example, I don’t see him as the type to go as batshit crazy as he was in the first and second episodes just by being locked up by himself for a few months.  Granted, that might be a little too dismissive of his human side, but you’ve gotta think:  dude’s been basically all alone for 300 years, Belle and his escapades with Regina excluded, so isolation really shouldn’t mess with him that much.  Naturally, then, I started thinking about what might have made him so nuts, and, because I’m an incredibly sick person, I decided to fic it – please forgive me.

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Imagine your OTP having angry wall sex

this mothafucking genius knows what I like

this mothafucking genius knows what I like

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❒ Taken ❒ Single ✔ Waiting for An Inward Treasure 

We love you Fyre

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So, there I was, in my swimming lesson, when I came up with an idea. 

Mr. and Mrs. Gold should totally have sex in the pool

WAIT ! Better…

They should have sex, in a kids rubber pool



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"A Bed of Thorns" it’s like a drug. You read the new chapter, and you want more, and more, and fucking more. 

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Go to my swim lesson. Looks at the new hot teacher. A prompt appears in my mind. 

Yes good

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